The Heresy of the Cross

David Rush

25 July 2022

1. The point of the Cross is the Cross.

You are going to die. Die well. Make it mean something, both by the manner of your living and the way of your death.

Since you will be dead, the things which mattered to you will be irrelevant. What matters will be decided by those you touched. What happens will be enacted by those who heard.

It is said that “No-one is dead while their name is still spoken.” Such is the truth of the Cross. The true resurrection is through the hearts and minds and hands of other people.

There may be other births. There may be continuity of memory and form in some other place. But after passing through the door of death, you are removed from your context. This world moves on without you.

All that remains is your memory. Be memorable.

2. You alone decide.

The Word of God carries the mass of the memory of millions. You alone are here and now. Don’t let the mass of memory overwhelm your choice. You choose.

When someone tells you to do a thing, if they tell you that God said, they try to escape the responsibility of command. You choose your own action, before the witness of your own spirit, and the ones who receive the action from your hand.

It is said that the Word of God is written on your heart. But it is only you who can read what is written there.

People will judge you for your choice, but they will not know why you chose. History will judge you for the consequences, but ultimately you will not be there.

Make your choices matter enough to endure the judgement.

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.