Singapore, This Time


So I find myself in Singapore, again, on business, but this time it feels a little weird. Weird enough that I’m finding it difficult to articulate, even in my own head. While I am out walking around, I think up these cute little Twitter-esque comments to blurp out to FaceBook as a kind of digital heartbeat, but then when I get back to the hardware, there are just too many of them and it would be a flood of disconnected images that don’t even have the good grace to be organized by the passage of time.

I felt odd about it even before I got on the plane. Perhaps that memory is hanging over me. The weekend preceding my departure had been intense with activity – Bethany having her graduation concert from The College of Dance, a a weekend yoga intensive, Trisha off to New Wine 2014 and leaving her sick car behind for me to look at, and the usual hundred other smaller things – or so it seems. Getting on the plane felt like a stepping through the doorway of death; leaving a world of action for something completely different, and with no sense of what is on the other side.

And the jet-lag this time has been absolutely deadly. I barely have any appetite at all, and even less idea what time of day it is. Even as I write this, a week after my departure, I’m still in a place of waking and sleeping at random times. It’s all just weird, but I have a theory: Ireland in mid-summer already distorts the diurnal cycle with 16 hours of daylight and little true darkness, so I didn’t even have a reasonable time-base to start from.

And its also weird because I’m finding no desire to explore the city, as I normally would do any time I travel. Instead, I am finding Singapore to be just hyper-stimulating. After I took class at Pure Yoga cruising through the Takashimaya Shopping Centre looking for some sun block (you gotta respect the tropical sun!) was positively painful. Such an explosion of detail at every turn, for every sense, was like a blow to the stomach. Generally, I find myself wanting to just sit in my hotel room nibbling a bit of granola instead of hunting down some great new (well to me at least) Indonesian fare. Trying to find my favorite restaraunts from the 2012 trip looks to be about the limit of my exploratory interest.

SO anyway, that’s my outrageously self-indulgent stream of jet-lagged conscisouness. Now that its out there maybe I can get some code written so I can go home...

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.