A Day in the Life

Day Rush

posted to Facebook on Monday, 30 Nov 2015

it started with waking up at 0300 from a dream that seemed important at the time, but I have subsequently forgotten. But once I realized the hour, I also realized that I needed to start a build (which takes 3 hours to complete) so it would be finished by the time I had to leave for work and I could report any problems in time for people to get first thing in the AM. A trip to the bog showed me that we have a lovely new(-ish) leak in our roof which comes down into the bathroom. At which point I decided to go back to bed rather than actually start my day at 0400.

That may be where it all started to really go wrong. My alarm went off at 0530, per usual, and I decided that another ten minutes wouldn’t actually hurt because the build wouldn’t be finished anyway. So at 0630, I woke up to the sound of dishes taking a suicide leap off the counter after our (sunday, ’cause its Ireland) Thanksgiving dinner. There was no animal culprit available, so I guess we have to blame some random leprechaun or something. In the process of cleaning up the mess, I sliced open the tip of my index finger (which is making typing today an interesting exercise in managing minor pain). Fortunately, the build completed successfully.

At this point I was running quite late for work and figured there would be no chance to park for free at my usual Luas stop, but as I drove past, there was actually plenty of space. With an inner "yay, I get to nap rather than stand", I parked the car and boarded the train. Right after it pulls out we are informed that there has been a breakdown on the line and that we may be delayed by 15-20 minutes. And then we get to Belgard station, and they tell us all to get off that the service to the city center was completely cancelled and we had to take a bus. I took the next train back to my car so I could drive in to the Red Cow, park and take a taxi. I had to stop at a bank machine to get cash to pay the taxi, and the bank machine would only give out EUR 20 notes. One. At. A. Time.

I get back in my car and drive to the Red Cow park+ride. The Luas is still shut down all the way to the city center, so I call a cab with Hailo. Hailo says there are like 7 guys within 10 minutes, so I think things might finally be looking up, and push the button. The cab it assigns me says there will be a 27 minute wait. I’m glad I stayed in my car as it is lashing rain outside. Wait. Wait wait. Wait wait wait. Hailo changes it mind to say that it has found someone new who will only have me waiting for 14 minutes (no I don’t recall how much time has passed). New guy shows up faster than expected, I jump out of car and try to pay for my Luas parking. All of the coin machines are non-functional. One of the card machines is refusing to connect to the network and displaying a reboot message *after* you wait for it to read your card. In the lashing rain. The other card reader has an elderly couple who are having a difficult time figuring out the interface trying to use it. Cab arrives, so I walk over to him to make the connection figuring that by the time I get back *maybe* the couple will have sorted themselves out. Go back, couple still haven’t figured out how to pay, so I operate the machine on their behalf. Finally, I get to pay my own parking and get in cab.

The N7 at 1015 turns out to be a parking lot. Why aren’t all these people at work yet? Cabbie tries to discuss possible routes with me, but I do not drive into the center of the, and especially not during rush hour. Google says it will be at least 30 minutes to get to work. I let cabbie sort it out. He takes clever advantage of the bus lanes and drives past my office building rather sooner than I expected to arrive. I stop him at the next block which is conveniently located by a SBUX, figuring that I might at least get a hot apple cider out of this outrageously late arrival at work. I pick up my SBUX order and walk back a block (in the now merely blustery Irish November phenomena lovingly known locally as "shite weather") to my office. I get in the elevator and attempt my first sip of what I hope will be a pleasant hot drink. And discover that SBUX has actually made me a giant house coffee with milk, instead of mulled apple.

I think that if I actually drink this coffee I will want to burn down the whole world...

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.