Future Errata

Being the personal blog of David Rush.

I make a living in trade as a computer programmer, but that isn't all of my life by a long shot. What you'll find here is a compendium of my personal thoughts on a lot of random topics. My "professional" blog can be found over at Heureka.ie. I don't know about you, but I think that a movie rant kind of breaks the flow when you're reading about second-order logic.

Being a programer, means that I subscribe (at least somewhat) to the classical three virtues of the trade. Practically, this means that I have rolled my own Content Management System for this blog out of Git, HeVeA, and xsltproc, with a little bit of my own custom code (alas, no Haskell or Scheme, mostly TCL in the mix to help it stick together. I hope you like it.

David Rush