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David's Work History

This page was supposed to be a showpiece of clever XHTML and CSS2. But this is all I had time for once I let my CV escape from the laptop. And believe me, that has turned out to be more work than I bargained for.

Admittedly, my early exposure to TeX has made me into something of a fanatic about typesetting issues. This is only complicated by my personal commitment to the use of open-source software. What resulted was an exercise in tool-chain obsession. The 1999 version of my CV was developed fairly simply in TeX. Since then, the state of the art has moved on a bit and I was faced with the choice between a major retrofit of my TeX environment to handle old font formats or to pursue a little further knowledge of modern document technology. Right or wrong, I chose the latter.

The toolchain for the 2007 version of the CV uses Ant (plus some Java plugins) to drive the process, most notably the mass installation of fonts. The XSL Transformations were handled through the Saxon package. Apache FOP provided the formatting engine for the generation of PDF output, while OpenOffice Writer was the engine for the generation of Microsoft Word formats. I'll save my editorial comments for some other place on the web, but I will say that the OASIS OpenDocument standard format is *not* adequate for quality typography, and the doc had to be hand-tweaked after generation.

Recruiters invariably ask for a Microsoft Word version, but I have found that it is wanted so that they can format my text (via cut & paste) onto their own letterhead. Since Word has significant disadvantages as a presentation medium (minimally because fonts are not reliably replicated), I am only supporting cut & paste reformatting via the HTML version going forward from 2010.

Anyway, here are my CVs, from various times and in various formats. Feel free to peruse them at your leisure. And send money.

1999 CV
2007 CV
Alternative formats
Document toolchain
2010/2011 CV
Alternative formats
2014 CV
Alternative formats