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Co. Wicklow, Ireland
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Flexible employment utilizing skills in all phases of software development, mentoring, and leadership to produce efficient, reliable, and maintainable software in a learning organization.


22 years of professional programming experience, with a strong background in object-oriented programming and design. Three years of Smalltalk programming; 13 years of C++ programming, with an extensive C background. Other skills in computing technologies including content management, relational database design, client/server systems, workflow analysis, networking and compiler development.

Technical Skills

Domain Experience

Content Management, Client/Server Systems, Information Retrieval, IETF & ISO Networking Protocols,, Billing Systems, Workflow, Telephony, Medical Informatics, Language Design, Parsers, Object-oriented Programming, Framework Design, GUI Design, Object & Relational Databases, Testbed Development, Virtual Machines, Expert Systems

Languages & Toolkits

Assembly, C/C++, CLIPS, Java, Lex/Yacc, SQL, Scheme, Smalltalk, Standard ML, Tcl/Tk, TeX


Software Development

Design and prototype of systems to push content updates to web-cache systems in C/C++ and Java. Both platforms were needed for operational cost/benefit analyses. The system design leveraged forward-chaining production system technology to predict queries affected by updates to an extensive XML document base in real-time.
Designed and developed systems to gather data about member behavior and produced unique data analyses from the detailed behavior data using data-mining techniques adapted from bio-informatics algorithms. The data analyses generated a fair amount of interest from upper management; however, legal complications associated with user monitoring blocked the further progress of this project.
Developed server architecture to establish connectivity between desktop instant messaging systems and european SMS services. The system had four different server farms which communicated with nine other major internal server infrastructures, including both US and European billing systems. The system exceeded its performance targets by 50 percent and was run with no modifications for over two years.
Development of error architecture for real-time switch applications. Integrated error-handling system into home-grown collection frameworks.
Design and prototyping of framework support for real-time switch applications, including modules for communication with network management elements and safe real-time locking with priority inheritance.
Design and implementation of a protocol for OSS operations on Nortel DMS series telephone switches. The protocol implementation included a rich C++ API, with parsing, extensive parse-tree manipulation, and message factory facilities.
Design and implementation of a scripting language for a generic software library test tool. The tool was used for verification and regression testing of three different libraries across several Unix variants.
Design of a C++ embedded rule engine with dynamic rule-base loading capabilities to leverage the development effort in an existing set of object-oriented development frameworks. The system included facilities for dynamic binding and dispatch of C++ methods.
Integrated and extended a public-domain Smalltalk embedded forward-chaining expert system shell. The application domain required modifications to the compiler to support a more robust explanation and rule-base partitioning scheme. The extensions were used to retrofit a workflow system and in a prototype medical treatment protocol identifier.
Redesigned a C++ class library encapsulating the EHLLAPI 3270 terminal emulation interface to support scripting facilities. This resulted in a system which enabled users to handle changes in legacy system navigation with minimal programmer involvement.
Designed portable cell-controller software including network programming language
Implemented and ported PLC programming software from MS-DOS to chronOS and VMS
Designed and developed network interface drivers for ISO protocol stacks
Architecture, design and implementation of ISO presentation and application layer protocol gateways. This software had the highest transaction rate in the market. It was ported to four different OS/Hardware platforms, with support for numerous proprietary back-ends.
Developed a serial device driver for PC-MOS (an early multi-tasking MS-DOS extension)
Developed ISO upper layer software and scenario interpreters for network interoperability testing.
Ported and maintained terminal emulation software on first-generation PCs for Univac systems. This involved rewriting device drivers and extensive reverse-engineering of existing assembly code.

Applied Research

Adapted data clustering and sequence mining techniques from bio-informatics to information retrieval problems. The problems included offensive web-search filtering techniques, spam filtering, online-behavioral analysis. Additional applications to server failure-mode analysis were explored.
Completed a technology survey of object-oriented forward-chaining expert systems.
Researched, designed and developed a generic workflow system in Smalltalk. The software was developed using two different expert systems to support several different client/server environments. It was subsequently used as the integration platform for an integrated hospital information (ADTR) and billing system.
Refined internal software design and development patterns through the application of functional programming principles and category theory to object-oriented development.
Debugged numerous problems with development platform and in-house framework internals based upon broad knowledge of networking, operating system and virtual machine architectures.
Design, development, and maintenance of YACC-compatible event-driven parser generator which enabled the design of a programmer-friendly API to the MMS (ISO 9506/9507) protocol. The extended feature set also enabled its use in the implementation of network protocol state machines.

Leadership & Management

Assumed architectural responsibility and technical leadership for 10-year old ETL and content management systems and produced roadmap documents for the renovation of vital infrastructure. Provided technical leadership throughout the implementation of the roadmap systems, balancing immediate customer needs against the long-term rewards of delivering a modern infrastructure. Evangelized the use of standard ETL tools and web service architecture throughout the web-publishing organization.
Designed and reviewed key components of the AOL Video infrastructure roll-out, providing technical direction for all metadata and content management development connected with the video initiative. Coordinated metadata definition, responsibility and ownership among a globally distributed development team. Evaluated video content managements systems load and performance characteristics to assess scalability costs.
Participated in the development of ontology standards and the design of user interfaces leveraging ontology standards to provide effortless browse experiences through AOL/Time Warner's digital libraries. Designed and reviewed infrastructural system architecture for the capture and maintenance of controlled metadata vocabularies. The resulting data captured within the ontology systems was made a candidate for deployment across Time-Warner properties.
Successfully negotiated several project transitions between different global branches of a multi-national corporation. Project transition included documentation development, preparation of training, and mentoring in design and development processes. Was commended by divisional vice-presidents for the quality of the project work and transition process.
Coordinated multicultural research group for community development efforts in Albania. Successfully communicated vision and project requirements. Achieved a high level of work product ownership among the group members.
Coordinated small software team to develop a workflow system and integrate it into a hospital (ADTR) information system. Developed work plans and identified appropriate personnel to complete the system integration. Developed documentation and trained team members in system application.
Reorganized a troubled group into a coherent team by identifying and articulating the vision of motivated individuals. Developed a mutually supportive team culture which encouraged individual growth and corporate identity.
Supervised food-service operations which fed over 400 people per day.
Achieved conversational fluency in Japanese, with technical fluency in specific subjects.
Developed accounting procedures to enable the expansion of local community service. Elements of the methodology were used by a national organization, enabling staff to more clearly articulate vision and concretely plan its implementation.
Led and participated in development of software process standards for a global organization.

Work Experience

AOL AOL Technologies, Ireland 1999-2006

BBT Contract work at BroadBand Technologies 1999

BNR Contract work at Nortel 1997-1998

IBM Contract work at IBM 1996-1997

IMN Imonics Corporation 1995-1996

RSI Raleigh Systems, Inc. 1992-1995

CSI COMMSOFT Inc. 1986-1987, 1989, 1990-1991

ABC Allen-Bradley Corporation 1985-1986, 1988

CC Chi Corporation 1984


AOL Independent Study in Information Retrieval and Data Mining 2001-2003

CCM University of the Nations, College of Christian Ministries 1999

IMN Independent Study in Expert Systems 1996

RSI Independent Studies in Functional Programming and Category Theory 1994-1995

CCH University of the Nations, College of Counseling and Health Care 1989, 1992

CSI Independent Studies in Programming Languages and Compiler Design 1990

YLA Japanese Language at Yoshida Academy, Tokyo, Japan 1989

CWRU Case Western Reserve University, Computer Engineering 1982-1986