Welcome to the renovated cyber-yurt of the Rush family. There are six of us in the family. Eventually, there will be a whole web-site here, but for now you can just look at the old site if you want a complete web-experience.

A (partial) Family History...

David is laid off from AOL due to a massive internal reorganization.
David gets electrocuted while attempting to untangle Kyle's kite from the overhead power lines at the house in Dunlavin.
The family move to Dunlavin in County Wicklow is postponed because the prior tenants of the house could not leave for America due to the Airline lock-down in effect after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The Rush family moves in just under 1 month later.
Liam Rush is born during a Nurse's strike in our suite bathroom at the Citywest Hotel.
Rush family moves to Dublin, Ireland so David can work for America On Line's European Technical Center.
Rush family arrives in Northern Ireland to work with YWAM in Banbridge.
David enters YWAM School of Worship in Grimerud, Norway. Tricia is pregnant with Liam.
Bethany Rush is born in a cow-trough to hot-tub conversion bath, and is the first (and only) Rush baby where things mostly went according to plan.
Just four days after hurricane Fran passes through North Carolina, the family undertakes a missions scouting trip to Ireland. Decided that it was not really time to do anything yet.
Family moves to North Carolina. David is there for the house contract closing. Tricia brings the rest of the family two weeks later.
Kyle Rush is born.
The Rush family takes up residence in Cleveland, Ohio. David begins to work for Raleigh Systems, Inc, while together they serve at Church of the King.
Judah Rush is born during David & Tricia's tenure at the YWAM Methods and Models of Biblical Counseling course in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
David marries Tricia before friends, family, and members of Church of the King in Cleveland, Ohio.
David joins Tricia in working with YWAM/Tokyo
David & Tricia meet at YWAM Biblical Counseling School in Kailua-Kona, HI
Tricia gives her heart to Jesus
David gives his heart to Jesus
David is born
Tricia is born

These is us

And the cats...

  • Black cat
  • Momma catMomma - the cat formerly known as Calico
  • Harley
  • MingMing the Merciless
  • TaharkaTaharka the stupid
  • CardinalCardinal the surly