A Depressing Assignment

Kyle Rush, January 2007

Depression means to feel bored, as if you haven't accomplished anything worthwhile ever; as if the future was completely black, and to feel sad because of that, to feel overwhelmed by all your present and probably future troubles.

Depression means to feel sad and envious of other people having fun and you are not, to feel sad because there are so many interesting things to do right at your fingertips and yet so far away, to feel hard done by, to know you won;t be able to do anything fun for so long...

Depression means to feel that because of all of the above, you feel crushed, as if an incredibly heavy burden has been set upom your shoulders and never can be removed, as if you are standing in darkness and can never reach the light.

Black depression means to feel all of the above, but more so, to feel so overwhelmed by it you think you will go insane, as if there is no way you could go on with life, yet you have to, you have to go on living for the sake of so many others...

Depression can mean all of these.