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Here is my obligatory links page, although it was the compilation of a links page that was the orikginal point of thiks exercise. There just isn't a lot of material on electrical trauma (particularly high-voltage trauma, which is my case) collected on the net, which probably reflects one of two things:

  1. electrical trauma victims largely end up dead
  2. electrical trauma victims aren't too likely to be writing web-pages

Actually both of these may be true, since something like 75% of high-voltage injuries result in amputations, if the victim isn't killed outright. I'm one of the very lucky ones.

Electrical Trauma Program at the University of Chicago

From their mission statement (which is well worth a complete read if you're not a medical professional):

To advance the care of electrically injured patients, the University of Chicago Hospitals have established a clinical and research program for electrical shock victims. The Electrical Trauma Program, directed by Raphael C. Lee, MD, ScD, is dedicated to understanding the mechanisms and manifestations of electrical injuries and to developing therapeutic interventions. articles

I'm not sure that I quite understand what is about as a web-site, but I found these two articles concerning electrical trauma. I found the first to be more useful, but it was well worth reading both.

The Lightning Injury Lab at University of Illinois/Chicago

This page appears to be the answers to some specific questions submitted by another electrical trauma victim to the panel of doctors at

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